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Hill Creek Specials

20 oz.; Crafted iced unless otherwise requested
The Irishman - A staple at HG, this specialty is flavored with caramel and Irish cream
Pecan Pie - A fan favorite - butter pecan, vanilla and caramel deliciousness.
Pumpkin Pie - Everyone's favorite fall dessert! Pumpkin spice sweetened with caramel and vanilla. It wouldn't be pie without some whipped cream on top!
Momma's Rum Cake - This was our first ever fall special! Butter rum and butter pecan sweetened with a dash of caramel.
Mighty Maple - Maple spice, butter pecan, and caramel topped with a maple syrup drizzle!
Nana's Apple Pie - Everyone loves apple pie! Brown sugar and caramel apple butter with a salted caramel drizzle 
Brown Sugar Maple - Maple spice and brown sugar with a maple syrup drizzle

These specials are available small or large, hot or iced unless otherwise noted in the description.
Trailblazer Latte - Sweet and simple latte with maple syrup and cinnamon
Hazelnut Latte - a simple yet delicious latte for fall without the typical fall flavors. Topped with cinnamon. 
Pumpkin Spice Latte - PSL, the staple of fall!
Hill Creek Latte - Flavors of apple and cinnamon swirled through espresso, topped with a brown sugar cold foam. Iced Only. Only available at Hill Creek Farms!

Drinks come standard with cream, whole milk,
nd some have whipped cream or cold foam. 
Please mention any dairy substitutions when ordering.

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