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These are available in a single, 20 oz. serving, or four 9 oz. pours in a flight.
They are crafted iced unless otherwise requested, or noted in the description. Flights are iced only.

The Irishman - A staple at HG, this specialty is flavored with caramel and Irish cream
Pecan Pie - A fan favorite - butter pecan, vanilla and caramel deliciousness.
Coconut Delight - perfect year round, this specialty is sweetened with flavors or coconut and mocha
Black & White Cookie - no need to decide between the most popular flavors: vanilla and mocha
Chocolate Covered Strawberry - everyone's favorite chocolate dipped fruit, but make it coffee!
Birthday Cake - Funfetti in a cup!
Cinnamon Roll - this specialty has flavors of vanilla, brown sugar, & cinnamon
Campfire Cookie - Think s'mores around a campfire BUT instead of using graham crackers, you use chocolate chip cookies!

These specials are available small or large, hot or iced unless otherwise noted in the description.
S'mores Latte - Our famous s'mores latte sweetened with all of the flavors you'd find around a campfire, and topped with a real toasted marshmallow from The Artisan Marshmallow Company
Trailblazer Latte - Sweet and simple latte with maple syrup and cinnamon
Strawberry Mocha Macchiato - Milk and espresso layered and sweetened with strawberry and mocha flavors
Strawberry Matcha - a matcha latte sweetened with strawberry syrup

Drinks come standard with cream, whole milk,
and some have whipped cream or cold foam. 
Please mention any dairy substitutions when ordering.

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